Vintage Box RADIUS
Translation by Smokerde

RADIUS, developer of many products for the Macintosh no longer exists. The website was shut down.
Product support was available for some time via But this site too isn't any more.
The SuperMac product line was taken over by Umax. But there is no support for older Radius products.
View copy of Umax-Info page from 1999: "Support for SuperMac, E-Machines, Radius, Splash products"(new window)

Several accesses to the Radius pages were filed by the author and made available here. Further Radius documents from unknown sources were added. The HTML commands and links of the documents have been modified without changing the contents (whenever possible).

The software on this server was partially restored, substituted or added using several original discs. No warranty for this software can be given. Use will be at your own risk and responsibility.

Disclaimer: The operator of this server has no influence over the design and contents of linked pages. He therefore explicitly distances himself from all contents of this pages and doesn't make anything contained his personal view.

Documents and software are only a small part of the contents of the original Radius pages.
To enlarge this resort any help is wanted .


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