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The following pages will allow you to quickly view images of virtually any Radius monitor, graphics card, accelerator, or cable. These pictures are intended for identification purposes only, and as some of the lab subjects who are modeling for us here have taken a bit of abuse over the years, some may look less than pristine. Their purpose here is to assist Technical Support customers in identifying the products they own.

TechWeb and the ProductPix Database is a work in development. As it stands now, it's a valuable tool for Technical Support in assisting with product identification, but has not yet evolved into the verstaile, proactive support tool we know it can and will be. A sample of what's to come can be found in the SuperMatch Dual Mode 20 (model STD9751) entry. Eventually, we will have all available support documentation tied together and accessible via TechWeb. We like to think this is tremendously cool.

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