Useful Shareware and Freeware for Video

This page provides links to free or shareware software that are usefulwhen working with VideoVision Studio or the environments under which itis used.

Some of these links may not be complete or resolve properly until we have secured permission from the vendors, or found a suitable URL.

There's a spiffy little Mac Timecode Calculator available from Applied Media.

A beta release of Smart Video Recorder, formerly SmartCap, for Windows 3.1, handles QuickTime <-> AVI conversion, among other things.

For QuickTime to MPEG conversion (and vice versa) we recommend Sparkle 2.45. Apple's QuickTime MPEG Extension seems to have superseded Sparkle, however.

There is a lot of information available about MPEG and QuickTime in our page on Other Information on the Web.

If you are aware of any utilities that should be on this page, email me with a URL.