Newsgroups Related to Digital Video

Usenet newsgroups are similar to listservs and mailing lists, in that it is a many-to-many discussion based on a specific topic. It can be used to ask questions of an entire group, or initiate discussion. Occasionally, representatives from the companies making products concerning video and the like will post announcements or answer questions.

The difference is that it requires a newsreader (Web browsers frequently have them built-in) and access to a news host with your service provider. By contrast, mailing lists merely require an email account.

The exposure can be much broader on Usenet, because mailing lists have a specifically defined set of subscribers, whereas anyone can drop in and browse a newsgroup. This means that you can access a more divers audience. Of course, this also means that the potential for "spamming" is much higher on Usenet -- it's much easier to post irrelevant advertisements to a newsgroup than to a list.

Finally, you have more of a choice to drop in and visit a newsgroup at your leisure, instead of being force-fed a daily digest or batch of emails.

Many of the concepts detailed in our summary about mailing lists still apply, including posting guidelines and definition of terms.

The following list of newgroups are the most relevant of the thousands of newsgroups that are available. Read a few days' worth of posts from each before posting, or even subscribing. (But ignore anything that says "Make Money Fast" or "Investment Opportunities".)

Please email us with any corrections, updates or candidates for inclusion.