VideoVision PCI Drive Array Compatibility

Welcome to the VideoVision PCI drive array and storage compatibility area. We will continue to update this page as testing continues with various drives and systems.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Storage options not explicitly listed here may be incompatible.

Storage Options for VideoVision PCI as of March 21, 1997:

  • Micronet 8GB DataDock, with firmware update 1.3.2 or later.
  • ProMax 8GB PR-2, with the Adaptec PowerDomain 2940W/UW with firmware update 2.5 or later.
  • ProMax 8GB removeable array, with the ATTO ExpressPCI single-channel with firmware update 1.3.2 or later.
  • The ATTO Dual-Channel ExpressPCI is compatible when using firmware update 1.3.2 or later, and using only one channel. Be sure to enable the Video Tuner for the appropriate channel.
  • The ATTO ExpressPCI Pro
  • Apple built-in SCSI is now compatible when used with System 7.5.5 and the VideoVision PCI 1.1 release.
  • Adaptec 3940UW dual-channel SCSI card. Adaptec does not intend to revise this board for compatibility.
  • The Vantage card. We have not tested this card and assume it to be incompatible.


If Your Disk Array Does Not Appear in the Table Above:

As a general rule, if the accelerated PCI SCSI card is compatible, the disk array itself is highly likely to be compatible. Most drive manufactureres and disk array vendors are now fully aware of the needs of the digital video community, and the systems they provide are already optimized (or at least quite capable) for use with digital video.

Those with experience in digital video on NuBus systems will be relieved to know that the vast majority of disk arrays available for PCI (using VideoVision-compatible SCSI cards) are more than adequate for most digital video needs.

Dual-Channel SCSI

Many users have written asking about storage options that use two SCSI busses for faster throughput. We have not found the need to operate PCI disk arrays in this configuration, as most single-channel arrays provide well in excess of 5.5MB/second and many provide better than 6MB/second. Data rates like these are well beyond what most users need or use.

That said, disk arrays using the dual-channel ATTO ExpressPCI listed above should be compatible, and those using the Adaptec 3940 are not.

About the Adaptec PowerDomain 2940W/UW:
You must use version 2.5 or later of the firmware, and of the PowerDomain Control application. To verify the firmware version of your PowerDomain card, run the PowerDomain Control application. If your card is listed as being an earlier version of the firmware, update it with the FlashROM that is included with PowerDomain Control.

After updating your card, select the Video Settings menu item in PowerDomain Control. Set the card to Use Secondary Interrupts, and set the bus mode to Cache Line.

About the ATTO ExpressPCI:

Please use ExpressPCI Updater 1.3.2 to install the most current firmware for the ATTO ExpressPCI SCSI card for compatibility with Radius VideoVision PCI.

This update is required for compatibility with disk arrays that incorporate ATTO technology, such as those arrays available from ProMax and MicroNet.

To install the new firmware, simply double-click the ExpressPCI Updater 1.3.2 application. After the updater finishes, quit and restart the Macintosh.

A new feature has been added to the ExpressPCI bus that allows enhanced video capture performance when using Radius VideoVision Video Capture cards. This feature is normally disabled as a default, and can be enabled via the following procedure

  1. Open the ExpressPCI Setup Utility v1.3.2.
  2. Select Advanced Options from the Options Menu and click OK.
  3. Double-click the ATTO ExpressPCI bus to bring up the Settings Window.
  4. Click the Video Tuner check box.
  5. Close the Settings window, and Quit the ExpressPCI Setup Utility.
  6. When the warning screen appears asking if you want to save the changes you've made, select Yes.
  7. To enable the changes, you must restart the Macintosh.

After this is performed you are ready to capture video with the Radius VideoVision PCI Capture card using drives attached to the ATTO ExpressPCI Host Bus Adapter as the scratch disks.

PCI Array Performance

We have assembled some cursory performance information that can give you an idea of what to expect from your VideoVision PCI system with various disk arrays.

Other Digital Video Information

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