VVS/T and the 2nd Wave Xpanse NuBus Expansion Chassis

VideoVision Studio and Telecast were tested in a Second Wave Xpanse NuBus Expansion Chassis, along with the FWB JackHammer (with StudioArray) and a PrecisionColor Pro 24xk. The VideoVision Studio was determined to be incompatible with the 9500 when installed using their NuBus-to-PCI adapter.


PBBlockMoveInit is incompatible with the 9500, causing a Type 11 error while extensions are loading.

Dropped Frames while Recording

Frames are dropped during capture down to about 500K, although playback at 2MB/sec was functional (but it drops severely at 3).

Hangs after Dropped Frames

Frame drops during recording typically caused hangs in Premiere 4.0.1. Occasionally, the resulting corrupted movie files consumed all but about 50 megs of the remaining disk space. (?!)

Miscellaneous Crashes

Occasionally, the system crashed when rerecording after changing data rates, or switching bit depths with the popup. Jerry looked at these, and had no comment, other than "it's in QuickTime code" (the Microseconds process). This occurred with QuickTime 2.0 and with 2.1b17, and results were the same whether recording to the array or to the internal drive.


VVS, Telecast, the Chassis, and the 8100/110

When moving the chassis onto an 8100/110, things looked a bit better. The board was fully functional, and never crashed, and Telecast was fully compatible. A few random dropped frames occurred, but we're not certain it had to do with the chassis yet.

Configuring the VVS for use in the Chassis with the 8100/110

The VVS must be in slot A, and the Telecast must be in B, C, or D. This necessitates mapping one slot out of the Macintosh and into the Chassis, making that slot in the Mac unusable. The PCPro24Xk ran in any slot, as did the NuBus JackHammer (despite FWB's documentation).