Monochrome Pivot (#0194) Q&A

Q: How do I know if I have a model #0194, Pivot "A"?

A: The model #0194, or Pivot A, was the first pivoting display manufactured by Radius. It is most easily identified by its serial number. If the serial number on the back of the display begins with the letters, "ZTA," "ZTB," or "ZTJ," it is the original monochrome Pivot.

Q: Can I use this display with the built-in video capabilities of my computer?

A: No. The original Pivot is not compatible with the built-in video circuitry of any Macintosh.

Q: Which cards will work with this display and a current Macintosh?

A: The current Color Pivot NuBus card, model #0406, will work with the Pivot display, and therefore allow it to be used with most recent NuBus-based Macintosh computers. However, the the original NuBus card, model #0196 card, which shipped at the time the display was released, will not work in many current computers, and is not supported with operating systems later than 7.1. Since neither of these cards will work in a Quadra 840AV, a Power Macintosh, or any computer with a seven-inch NuBus slot, this display is incompatible with those computers.

Q: Are the SE/30 interface cards and the IIsi interface cards interchangeable?

A: No, they aren't. Since the original model #0197 pivot-to-SE/30 interface card was designed and implemented before the IIsi was produced, the card cannot be used in the IIsi direct slot. However, Radius did manufacture a version of the interface which will work in the SE/30 or in the IIsi if installed in a direct slot adapter. The cards are available through Radius Authorized Service Centers. Request part number 632-0069 for the interface card, and part number 632-0067 for the slot adapter. Please consult your yellow pages for a list of Radius Service Centers in your area, or call Radius Customer Service at 650-404-6400 and request the name of the closest service center to your area.

Q: What software do I need to allow pivoting with this display?

A: Since the display will always need to be connected to a pivot card, the only software necessary is either the RadiusWare or Dynamic Desktop control panel device. The current version is available through the online services, or by contacting Radius Upgrades at 800-977-7060, and ordering part number 630-0333.

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