#7220 E-Machines T16IIMR Display (Model #1108-DT16MR) Q&A

Q: I am running the monitor from my Mac's built-in-video, but I am not getting an image. What is wrong?

A: The cable supplied with this monitor requires the use of a cable adapter for resolution selection for the display. Cable adapters for 640 x 480, 832 x 624, and 1152 x 870 are supplied with the monitor, though Technical Support strongly advises against running the display in 1152 x 870 resolution. The 1152 x 870 adapter, along with the T16II INIT software, will give you this resolution from the built-in-video on a Quadra 700, 900 or 950. Select a resolution adapter that is supported by your Mac, and keep in mind that not all resolutions are supported with each Macintosh.

Q: I attached my new T16 II MR to a recent model Macintosh (such as the Quadra 840av, 660av, 605, LC 475 PowerBook, Power Macintosh and beyond), and I am not getting an image. What is wrong ?

A: The cable and adapters that are supplied with this monitor are not compatible with these newer Macintosh systems. For these systems, the cable kit, EMDT162AV can be ordered by dialing 800-977-7060. The kit consists of a new cable and new adapters that are compatible with these Macintosh systems. If necessary, please reference both the model #EMDT162AV and part #9003213-0001.

Q: My T16 II MR screen blinks on and off occasionally. What is wrong?

A: This is most often a sign of monitor failure, and is not user serviceable. If the monitor is still under warranty, please contact Technical Support at (408) 541-5700 to begin the Return Materials Authorization, or RMA, process. If the monitor is no longer under warranty, please contact your dealer for service.

Q: I received the new EMDT162AV kit, but I am still not getting an image. What is wrong?

A: Make sure the new SuperMac adapters supplied in the cable kit are in use. The original E-Machines adapters are not compatible with the new Macintosh systems. Also, on the front of the monitor, there is a switch for D-SUB or BNC operation. Please select the D-SUB setting.

Q: How do I use Apple's "switch-on-the-fly" resolution feature with this monitor off of my Mac's built-in-video?

A: The SuperMac STD0010 multimode adapter kit may be used with this display to get switch on the fly capability. In Addition, Apple's Display Enabler software available on AppleLink and eWorld as part of the MultipleScan Display software pakage, or System 7.1.2 for Power Macintosh, or System 7.5 must be installed to enable this feature. On Power Macintosh systems, or systems with Power Macintosh upgrade cards, a 5-BNC cable, part #0009344-0001, must be used in addition to the STD0010 adapter kit. These items can be ordered by dialing 800-977-7060.

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