#7280 Simply TV Q&A

Q: Is Simply TV System 7.5 compatible?

A: At this time, extensive testing has not been done with system 7.5. Therefore, final compatibility results are not available. System 7.5 will likely remain unsupported. (!)

Q: I accidentally selected PAL timing and now I have a scrambled display. How do I get it back to normal?

A: Resetting your Macintosh's Parameter RAM will cause Simply TV to default back to NTSC, Safe Title operation. To Reset the Parameter RAM under System 7, simultaneously hold down the Command, Option, P and R keys on the keyboard while restarting the Macintosh. The normal startup tone will be heard and a few moments later, a secondary startup tone will be heard and the Macintosh will again restart. This indicates the Parameter RAM has been reset and you may now let the Macintosh system start up normally without depressing any keys.

If this does not reset the Simply TV board back to normal, it will need to be removed from the Macintosh system. After removing the Simply TV board, restart the Macintosh and let the operating system load fully, then shut the system off normally. Reinstall the Simply TV board into the Macintosh system, reconnect the display to the Simply TV board, and then restart the Macintosh. The board will default to NTSC, Safe Title operation on startup. Follow the instructions in your manual for removal and installation of the Simply TV board.

Q: Why are the edges of the desktop not visible on the external screen?

A: The Simply TV is not configured in Safe Title mode. Open the PowerLink Control Panel and click to enable the Safe Title feature.

Q: Simply TV is creating too much screen flicker, what is wrong?

A: Simply TV's Flicker Free feature is likely to be disabled. Open the PowerLink Control Panel and click to enable the Flicker Free operation feature.

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