#3620 Radius Rockets Q&A

Q: Is the Rocket compatible with System 7.5 and System 7.5.1?

A: RocketWare is incompatible with System 7.5 and 7.5.1, and cannot be upgraded. The last version of the operating system that can be used with a Rocket and RocketWare is 7.1.

Q: What type of memory should I be using with my Rocket?

A: The Rocket uses standard 30 pin Macintosh SIMMs, rated at 100 nanseconds (ns) or faster. 80ns is preferred. You can use 1MB, 4MB, and 16MB SIMMs only. In addition, the Rocket does not support Composite SIMMs. When installing memory, entire memory banks must be populated with the same SIZE and SPEED. Each of the four SIMM slots in a particular bank must be occupied. You can populate only one bank if you wish, but Bank A must be populated first.

Q: What are the requirements to use 16MB SIMMs?

A: Radius has qualified 16MB SIMM Modules from Mitsubishi, NEC, Samsung, and Toshiba. These modules consist of chips in a 16 x 8, 30-pin configuration. The modules must be 100ns or faster (80ns or faster is recommended) and support fast page mode. The Rocket does not support Composite SIMMs. Refer to your user's manual for further information. Qualified SIMM modules are available from:

• Lifetime Memory, Huntington Beach, CA (714) 969-2421

• Memory Direct, Huntington Beach, CA (800) 969-6348

• Newer Technology, Wichita, KS (800) 678-3726

• American Computers and Digital Components, Baldwin Park, CA (415) 323-6059

• Century Micro, Santa Clara, CA (510) 226-6203

• King Memory and Peripherals (800) 255-4200

• Kingston Technology, Fountain Valley, CA (714) 435-2600

• QCI, San Jose, CA (request part number: MH16M08ATJ-70RAD) (800) 752-1070

Q: Can I get a math co-processor for the 25i Rocket?

A: No. The math co-processor is a physical part of the 040 processor. With the 25i, the math co-processor is not present and there is no way of adding one to the Rocket.

Q: Can I put my Rocket in a Power Macintosh?

A: Yes. Since the Rocket is a full size NuBus board, only the 7100 and 8100 are supported and must have RocketShare version 1.3 or later. If you have the 7100/8100 AV option, you will need RocketShare version 1.3.1 or later. The current release of RocketShare will run native on the Power Macintosh. You can upgrade to version 1.3.1 of RocketShare from a previous version by calling 800-544-8456 and ordering part number 637-0004-01.

You will be asked for the serial number of your current version of RocketShare.

Q: Can I use more than one Rocket in my Macintosh?

A: Yes. When using RocketShare you can run multiple Rockets.

Q: Can I use RocketWare on a StageTwo Rocket?

A: No. Only RocketShare can be used with the StageTwo Rocket.

Q: Is it normal for my Macintosh to boot twice with the Radius Rocket installed?

A: Yes. The first boot is the motherboard booting, and the second boot is the Rocket launching.

Q: I installed the Rocket and during the second boot the screen goes black. What is the problem?

A: Most likely you have a video card that is not Quadra compatible. Please ensure that you are using a Quadra-compatible video card before running a Rocket. In other cases it could be an extension/control panel conflict. Try rebooting with all of your extensions and control panels disabled and/or removed with the exception of the Rocket Software. If you are only running the Rocket software and the problem still occurs, then the likely culprit is an incompatible video card.

Q: I installed the Rocket and during the loading of the extensions my Macintosh freezes. What could be the Problem?

A: This is most likely an Extension/Control panel conflict. Try running with only the Rocket launcher and RocketWare software installed. This requires that you remove all other non-Apple extensions and controls panels from your system folder, or disable them using an extension manager utility. If the problem goes away using this technique, you will need to install or enable your extensions and control panels one at a time and then rebooting until the offending item is found.

Q: I seem to have problems when using QuickTime audio with the Rocket. What's going on?

A: Since the Rocket doesn't have its own sound chip, it needs to rely on the host CPU chip. Trying to deal with audio from the host while the Rocket is actually controlling the bus is very tricky, and doesn't work very well. RocketWare 1.5 works fairly well with Sound Manager 2.0, however the Rocket is totally incompatible with Sound Manager 3.0 and Sound Edit Pro. Radius does not recommend the use of the Rocket whenever audio is concerned.

Q: What is the current version of the RocketWare software?

A: The current version of RocketWare is 1.5. This version of the software is necessary for use under System 7.1. The software can be obtained for free, via modem, from all of the major online services such as America Online, Compuserve, E-world, AppleLink, the Internet, as well as from the Radius bulletin board at 408-541-6190. If you do not have a modem, you can obtain the software by calling 800-544-8456 and ordering part number 630-0331.

Q: What is the current version of the RocketShare software?

A: The current version of RocketShare is 1.3.1. This version of the software is required to use a Rocket in a PowerMacintosh or under System 7.1 on an 040 based Mac. This version of the software can be obtained by calling 800-544-8456 and asking for part number 637-0004-01. You will be asked for the serial number of your current version of RocketShare.

Q: What are the special steps required for installing the operating system when using RocketWare 1.5?

A: It is important to follow specific steps when installing the operating system for use with RocketWare 1.5. When installing the operating system, you MUST customize the version of system for use with ANY MACINTOSH. To do this, click on the button labeled "Customize" when running the installer, then click on the choice labeled "System Software for any Macintosh". This choice will install all of the necessary resources for using the Rocket on your CPU.

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