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Q: What system versions are supported by RadiusTV ?

A: Radius TV supports Apple System 6.07, System 7.0, System 7.01 and System 7.1.

Any later versions are untested and unsupported.

Q: What CPU's are supported by RadiusTV ?

A: The following Macs are tested and supported:

Mac II, Mac IIx, Mac IIcx, Mac IIci, Mac IIfx, Quadra 700, Quadra 900, and Quadra 950.

The IIsi and other CPU's manufactured after the introduction of the Quadra 950 remain untested and unsupported.

Q: What video interfaces will work with RadiusTV ?

A: If a NuBus video interface can display 8 bits (256 Colors), then it should be able to support RadiusTV. Bit depths above 8 bits (256 Colors) are not supported on third party interfaces. Nor are the advanced features of RadiusTV such as auto color calibration or closed captioning.

Compatible Radius interfaces are the following: The GS/C, DirectColor 8, DirectColor16, DirectColor24, DirectColor GX, PrecisionColor 8, PrecisionColor 8xj , PrecisionColor 8x, Precision Color 24x.

Compatible Apple video interfaces are the original Apple 8-Bit , 4•8 , 8•24 , 8•24GC. 24bit color is not supported with these cards.

The built-in-video of the IIci, IIsi, Quadra 700, 900, 950 Do NOT support RadiusTV in any mode due to the way video information is mapped into their memory.

Q: The RadiusTV software is showing an error messages upon system startup, what does this mean?

A:. During the startup process of the computer the RadiusTV logo should appear normal. If an error is detected by the RadiusTV software it will show a status indicator over the Radius TV icon.

If the icon loads with an 'X', this usually indicates that a Command key has been pressed to cause the driver not to be loaded

If the icon loads with a '!' , This indicates that multiple RadiusTV extensions are detected in the System Folder. Only one RadiusTV extension should be installed.

If the icon loads with a '?', it indicates that the RadiusTV hardware is not detected. Check for proper installation.

If the icon loads with 'Error 1', it does not have enough room in the driver table to install the software. Remove any unnecessary extensions and reboot.

If the icon loads with 'Error 2', it does not have enough memory to install the driver. Remove any unnecessary extensions and reboot.

If the icon loads with 'Error 3', This indicates the Radius TV card can not get a needed resource. Check the cables for loose connections and reboot.

If the icon loads with 'Error 4', it indicates that 32-Bit QuickDraw is not installed. This is a System 6 specific error. If you are using System 7.x.x, it may be corrupted.

If the icon loads with 'Error 5', it indicates that a needed resource was not present.

Remove any unnecessary extensions and reboot.

If the icon loads with 'Error 6', the driver installation returned a Not Loaded error.

Remove any unnecessary extensions and reboot.

Q: I see horizontal lines in the RadiusTV window, what's wrong?

A: Verify that the problem is not video interference or a paused VCR. Particularly, VCRs with two "heads" will create this effect when paused. Also, some video interfaces do not refresh fast enough and will cause "tearing" through the video image. Finally, set video output to 24-bit mode.

Q: I see vertical lines in the RadiusTV window, what's wrong?

A: This problem might be due to loose Video RAM on the video interface card. Ensure that all VRAM is fully socketed.

Q: I get the error message "The signal processor from slot $b is not responding" What is wrong?

A: Make sure all cables, including the power cable, are connected and select OK to try again. The most likely cause is that the 15-pin cable is not connected or is damaged. Check the 15-pin and the 9-pin cable to make sure that they are properly connected. If the problem still occurs exchange the cables.

Q: I get the error message: "A RadiusTV Video Engine card was not found." What does this mean?

A: The cause might be that the Radius TV Video Engine card may not be seated properly. It may also be currently in use, or at worse, it may be defective. Verify that the RadiusTV window is not already open or in use. If the software is not in use, the next step is to reseat the card or change it to another slot. If that does not resolve the problem then the card may need to be replaced. Contact Radius at 650-404-6400 to discuss the problem further.

Q: I do not see any video, but I do hear sound. And sometimes I get Error Message: ID = 10041. What does this mean?

A: The likely cause is that the 9-pin cable is not connected or may be defective. If the connection is secure and the problem continues, replace the cable.

Q: I get the error message: "An invalid bit depth was requested, Video is displayed in 8, 16, and 24 bit depth". What does this mean?

A: This message occurs when the video card is not set at 8, 16, or 24 bits. The solution would be to set the Monitors control panel to the appropriate bit depth. Be sure that the video card you are using is one supported by RadiusTV.

Q: I get the error message: "Cannot get needed resources" when opening the RadiusTV DA window. What does this mean?

A: This message occurs when the RadiusTV file is not found in the System Folder.

Verify that the resource file "RadiusTV" is present in the system folder. It should only be named "RadiusTV" - any other spelling will cause this error.

There also may be multiple System Folders present on the volume. Verify that there is only one System Folder present.

Q: I get the error message: "DA Handler has quit." What does this mean?

A: This is a System 6.0.x specific error. This happens when the system is fully loaded with software and there is not extra room in the system heap for RadiusTV resources. Remove unnecessary INITs, control panels, or desk accessories.

Q: Radius TV has a split screen or multiple screens. What is happening?

A: This is a intermittent problem that only occurs when you lose power to the Audio Video Input Processor (AVIP) box and then try to reconnect the Radius TV video without rebooting the computer. To resolve the problem, make sure that there is power to the AVIP, reboot the computer and retry the Radius TV window. If problems continue replace the Radius TV video engine card by calling Technical Support at 650-404-6400.

Q: I am getting garbage on the screen, what's wrong?

A: This might be a timing problem with the video engine card. Try by restarting the computer and verify the video input source is good.

Q: The Audio Video Input Processor (AVIP) LED is not illuminated, what's wrong?

A: The AVIP power is always indicated by the green LED on the front panel. If that LED is not on, verify that your power source is active (either the wall outlets or multiple outlet strip is on).

Then check the connection going from the transformer to the AVIP and make sure that is firmly connected. If you have a voltmeter, measure power from the transformer, it should be 16.5v AC. If everything checks out okay, then the AVIP needs to be replaced.

Q: I am getting static on the Radius TV Screen, what could be causing this?

A: The input video source is not providing an adequate signal. Check the cabling or antennae for proper operation. If possible, try a known good video source, such as a VCR with a pre-recorded tape.

Q: HyperCard crashes whenever RadiusTV is opened, what's wrong?

A: RadiusTV software (i.e., RadiusTV and Theatrics) are not fully compatible with HyperCard v1.2.5 or earlier. RadiusTV can run with HyperCard as long as the 'Mute' button is selected in either RadiusTV or Theatrics.

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