E-Machines EtherDock Q&A

December 13, 1995

Q: Is the EtherDock compatible with System 7.5 or 7.5.1?

A: Extensive testing has not been done with system 7.5 and later. Therefore, final compatibility results are not available. With the product having been discontinued in 1994 and no further development underway, System 7.5 and later will remain unsupported.

Q: Is the EtherDock compatible with the PowerPC-based PowerBook Duos?

A: With the product having been discontinued in 1994 and no further development underway, PowerBook Duo models beyond the 280c or released since December 1994 will remain unsupported.

Q: How can I use my internal modem when the EtherDock is attached?

A: Due to design requirements, it is not possible to use the internal modem port when the EtherDock is attached. The only solution is to use the serial port and an external modem.

Q: Since my EtherDock only ships with 10BaseT support, how can I connect to a 10Base2 or Thin EtherNet type network ?

A: A 10BaseT to 10base2 or Thin EtherNet converter must be used. Companies such as Canary, Milan, or Transition Engineering can supply these items.

Q: Why does my EtherDock lock up during network activity when connected to my Duo?

A: With 68040cpu-based PowerBook Duos, such as the Duo 280 or Duo 280c, a Revision "D" EtherDock must be used. The Revision 'D' EtherDock is identified by having a sticker on the bottom with the number 0008842-0004. The Revision "D" Etherdocks are no longer in production and are no longer available.

Q: Why does my LCD panel generate a scrambled image when it's attached to the EtherDock? I followed the LCD's installation instructions, what's wrong?

A: Most LCD panels require separate or composite SYNC signals in order to have the display operate properly. The Etherdock, when configured to operate a Macintosh compatible display, generates a SYNC on GREEN signal line. This green sync is usually incompatible with most LCD panels.

To connect a display such as an LCD panel to the EtherDock, follow the LCD panel manufacturer's instructions for connecting to a VGA or PC compatible system. Then, in addition, the E-Machines S5 adapter, part number 0008681-0001, must be used to connect the VGA cable from the LCD panel to the Etherdock. The S5 Adapter, part number 0008681-0001, is available by dialing 800-977-7060.

After connecting the display, the PowerLink Control Panel must be used to select the proper monitor configuration. Set the display to operate as a VGA, External Sync monitor to have the LCD panel work properly.

Q: Why can't I change resolutions on my multi-resolution monitor?

A: The EtherDock will default to Apple cable sense codes whenever a monitor is attached. To override this default and to be able use the PowerLink software to switch resolutions, a cable with E-Machines sense codes is required. The E-Machines 3-BNC to Macintosh cable (0008773-0001) will supply this E-Machines cable sense. Order by dialing 800-375-9256.

Q: When I connect my Etherdock to an external display, all I get is the desktop pattern and nothing else, what's wrong?

A: Since your Duo now operates as a two display system, the external display must be configured for color depth using the Monitors control panel. In addition, the Monitors control panel may be used to position the menu bar onto the external display, making it the primary monitor.

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