Radius 81/110 Q&A

Q: How can I boot my Radius 81/110 system if I can't start from the CDRom?

A: Download the RadiusRescue disk image and create a bootable disk for the Radius 81/110. You will need DiskCopy , Mount Image, ShrinkWrap, or similar program to make a boot disk from the disk image. DiskCopy 4.2 is on the Radius System CD.

Q: Is the Radius 81/110 system compatible with System 7.5.3 and higher?

A: Yes, the Radius 81/110 system is compatible with System 7.5.3 and higher. We recommend doing a clean system install from the Radius CD for 7.5.1, then run the Apple 2.0 updater for 7.5.3 to get to the new 7.5.3 operating system. To do a clean system install, launch the 7.5.1 installer, and on the 'install' screen, press down COMMAND-SHIFT-K to get the 'install new system ' option. Clicking on this option will allow you to do a 'clean' system' install. Be sure to copy the control panel CD-ROM Toolkit included with the 81/110 into your new control panels folder.

Note that when installing OS 8, you will be prompted to update the low level drivers. For the 81/110, this is unecessary. The 81/110 uses an FWB driver, and FWB reports no OS 8 incompatibilities with any versions of their drivers.

Q: Can I remove the cover on the Radius 81/110 and install additional equipment without voiding my warranty?

A: Yes. Removal of the cover for installation of additional cards or hard disk drives does not void your warranty.

Q: I installed Apple's VRAM or AV video board in the Radius 81/110 with a second monitor, and now I do not have the Menu Bar on the proper monitor.

A: Use the Monitors control panel to choose which monitor has the Menu Bar. While the Monitors control panel is open, drag the menu bar from the icon of one monitor directly to the icon of the monitor on which you want the menu bar to appear. You can also change the start-up monitor from within the Monitors control panel by holding down the option key on your keyboard. Drag the small "happy Mac" icon that appears on the icon of the current start-up monitor to the icon of the monitor you want to use as the start-up monitor.

Q: How do I reformat the internal hard disk drive?

A: You'll find the Apple HD SC Setup utility on the Radius 81/110 CD-ROM. This utility is used to repartition and reformat the hard disk drive. Please follow the instruction manual for use of this utility.

Q: What is the SCSI ID number of the internal hard disk drive?

A: The internal hard disk drive is ID 0 on SCSI bus 0.

Q: When I insert a CD ROM, the system will not recognize it.

A: The CD-ROM drive requires the CD-ROM ToolKit™ control panel from FWB. Install the CD-ROM ToolKit™ control panel into the Control Panels folder and then restart the 81/110. If the CD-ROM ToolKit™ control panel is not found on the hard drive, the Radius 81/110 must be started from the Radius System CD-ROM that was supplied with the 81/110. To boot from this CD-ROM, insert it into the CD-ROM drive and hold down the command-option-shift-delete keys while restarting. The 81/110 will now start from the CD-ROM so that you may copy the CD-ROM ToolKit™ control panel to your hard disk drive.

The CD-ROM ToolKit™ control panel can be found on the Radius 81/110 CD-ROM within the Other Installers & Software folder in the Radius Extras folder within the CD-ROM ToolKit™ folder.

Q: What is the small card installed in the slot next to the NuBus slots?

A: That is the PDS terminator. It is required to terminate the NuBus slots. Cards installed in the 81/110 may not operate correctly if this terminator is removed and no suitable alternative, such as an Apple AV card or HPV (or VRAM expansion) card, is installed in its place.

Q: Can I replace the PDS terminator with Apple's VRAM or AV board for the Power Macintosh 8100?

A: Yes. The Apple VRAM and AV boards work in the Radius 81/110 . The PDS slot must always have a VRAM, AV board, or PDS terminator installed.

Q: Something happened to my hard drive and I can't boot my Radius 81/110. What should I do?

A: If you can't boot from the hard drive, you may boot from the CD-ROM supplied with your Radius 81/110. Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive and start the Radius 81/110 while holding down the command, option, shift, and delete keys. The Radius 81/110 will bypass the internal hard disk drive and start from the CD-ROM.

If necessary, you may now reinstall the operating system on your internal hard drive from the CD-ROM.

Q: How do I remove the front cover on the Radius 81/110 to get to the internal drive bays?

A: The front cover is press-fit onto the Radius 81/110. There are three steps to removing the front cover.

First: Remove the side panel by removing the three screws along the rear right edge of the Radius 81/110. The side panel will now slide back and can be removed.

Second: Look for a small, square notch, inside the case and next to the CD-ROM drive bay. Insert a small, flat-blade screwdriver into this notch, and lever the front cover forward and away from the Radius 81/110 case.

Third: Allow the cover to drop down slightly to free it from hooks on the bottom of the inner front panel, which hold the front cover in place. Elevate the front of the Radius 81/110 about 1/2” to allow downward movement of the front cover. Slide the front cover down and then forward to remove.

With the front cover removed, the internal drive bays are now accessible.

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