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Radius Videovision Basic
(Manf. Part # 0416)

Combines a breakthrough hardware and software technology to enable mass distribution of powerful mulimedia communications. Consisting of a sophisticated video interface card, a connector panel for ext. video and audio connections, and comprehensive software controls. Video Vision enables users to integrate audio, graphics and video capabilities on the Mac.

* Can reach 30 frames per sec @ 768x576 if they get the studio upgrade!
* Output to Video Tape-eliminates the cost of using expensive professional video equip.
* 24-bit convolution-allows users to export flicker-free moving images
* 100% QuickTime Compatibility
* On-board Int'l Standards Conversion-provides easy access to video produced around the world
* Variable Window Resizing-users can customize the size of video windows
* H-Bus & R-Bus Architecture
* Single Card Solution that conserves valuable slots
* Expansion port that supports genlock and possible tuner module and ext-device control add-ons.

Price: $299
Warranty: 90-day
Compatible OS: 7.55
PowerPC: YES
Interface: NuBus 12"