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Radius VideoVision Telecast Upgrade
(Manf. Part # 0464)

Upgrade for high quality, non-linear editing system. This basically turns the videovision into a telecast by adding a 16-bit sound board for superior sound control, and the breakout box with connectors for recording in hi-8, S-VHS, OR betacamSP! The upgrade turns your mac into a digital VTR!

* Open Quicktime architecture lets you choose the editing interface of your choice.
* Create accurate offline edits and EDL's.
* Pre-visualize work real-time.
* Develop high-quality work ready for BetacamSP quality!
* Accepts component video or Betacam SP input and output.
* Offers composite and S-video recording and playback
* Accepts NTSC and PAL input and output, and input from SECAM sources
* Features video recording and playback at 30 frames/60 fields per second NTSC, or 25 frames/50 fields per second PAL, amd adaptive compression ratios ranging from 3:1 and 50:1
* Has two channel input/four channel output balanced audio for recording and playback
* Supports analog, AES/EBU, and S/PDIF audio input and output at sample rates ranging from 48Khz to 22Khz, including 1% pull-down and pull-up sample rates
* Reads and generates SMPTE time code in both VITC and LTC formats
* Can reference audio and video from a single crystal, for sample accurate playback of video and audio
* Features full subcarrier genlock, external sync and GPI triggering, for seamless integration with your existing editing equipment
* Optional Telecast Bus Transfer kit for use with PCI Macs $500 extra
* The Telecast and Telecast upgrade are not compatible with ANY Daystar products or Apple PPC upgrades!

Price: $599
Warranty: 1 year
Compatible OS: 7.53
PowerPC: YES
Interface: NuBus 12