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Spigot Pro Av
(Manf. Part # 0514)

This is like the Spigot Power Av, but this one supports 24-bit color at 640x480 window size. This is the Spigot designed the best for true digital video, where the Spigot Power AV is the best option for CD-ROM authoring. This is a NuBus card that attaches next to your Apple AV card. You must have an AV machine for this product to operate, as it is a compression board, but this one has both S-Video and composite outputs as well. It uses the sound available on your machine.

SpigotPro AV vs. AV Macintosh:
Most AV Macintosh models can only capture at up to 30fps in a 160x120 window, some (660av) can't do 30fps at all, regardless of window size. The AV Macintosh CPUs can only do up to 15fps at a full 640x480 window. SpigotPower AV can do 30fps at full screen size, 640x480.

* For any Apple AV computer system
* Gives your Apple A/V card the capability of JPEG ratios from 10:1 to 100:1
* Gives your Mac an additional video output port (composite and S-Video)
* In comparison to the SpigotPower AV - the Spigot Pro gives you 24bit color at 640x480.
* SpigotPower is 16bit color at 320x240. Uses the same AV connector.

Price: $149
Warranty: 1 year
Compatible OS: 7.53
PowerPC: YES
Interface: NuBus 7"