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Supermac Spigotpower AV
(Manf. Part # DV1630)

This is a compression nubus board to enhance the AV circuitry of the AV Quadras/PPC. Through the use of a DAV connector, it allows your existing hardware to capture and play back full-screen, full motion video at a fraction of the cost of similar video capture set-ups.
SpigotPower AV vs. AV MacIntosh:
Most AV MacIntosh models can only capture at up to 30fps in a 160x120 window, some (660av) can't do 30 fps at all, regardless of window size. The AV MAcIntosh cpus can only do up to 1-5 fps at a full 640x480. SpigotPower AV can do 30fps at full screen size, 640x480.

SpigotPower AV brings true video power to your Macintosh Quadra AV or PowerMac AV computer. By linking the high-performance, hardware-based JPEG compression of SpigPower AV with the built-in audio/video capabilities of the AV Macintosh, SpigotPower AV enables Macintosh AV computers to finally realize their full video potential, bringing high-quality and affordable video and CD-ROM production to the desktop. Building upon the technology of the revolutionary VideoSpigot, SpigotPower AV delivers the next generation of digital video. SpigotPower AV captures full-screen video at up to 30 frames/60 fields per second with full 24-bit color, delivering unmatched image quality for video that is compressed with Cinepak for CD-ROM authoring and multimedia presentations.

* Larger mes and smoother video capture and playback -- full-screen capture and playback at up to 30 frames per second.
* Better image quality without jagged edges -- 60 fields-per-second capture grabs more video information.
* Hardware-based JPEG compression with ratios from 10:1 to 100:1 -- smaller files for easier storage and faster transmission.
* 24-bit capture preserves full color fidelity of the source material.
* 7'' card fits inside select Quadra AV and PPC AV chassis.
* Compatible with all QuickTime 2.0 compatible popular QuickTime editing applications including Adobe Premiere, AVID VideoShop, CoSA After Effects, and CoSA AfterImage.
* System Requirements -- OS 7.1 or later, QuickTime 1.6.1 or later, included.
* Compatible with 840AV and 660AV, with SpigotPowerAV v1.1 & QuickTime v2.0, OR SpigotPowerAV v1.0 & QuickTime v1.6.1.
* Compatible with 7100AV/8100AV, with SpigotPowerAV v1.0 & QuickTime v1.6.2.
* Video Capture and Playback:
Frame Rates: NTSC: Up to 30fps. PAL: Up to 25fps.
Fields: NTSC: Up to 60fps. PAL: Up to 50fps.
Playback Sizes: NTSC: 640x480 & 320x240. PAL: 768x576 & 384x288.
* Color Depth: Capture: 24bit. Display and Playback: Q660av: 8bit. Q840av, 7100av, 8100av: 16bit.
* Hardware Compression: JPEG.
* Video Compression: Ratioes range from 10:1 to 100:1, user-selectable.
* Audio Support: Simultaneous capture and sync of audio and video using Quadraav or PPCav built-in 16 bit 44.1 kHz audio.
* Video Connectors: Quadra av or PPC av built-in composite and S-video.
* Video Encoding/Decoding: Quadra av or PPC av built-in video logic.
* Power Consumption: 5V @ 1.2 A.
* Regulatory Approvals:
Safety: UL 1950, CSA 950, IEC 950.
Emissions: Verified to FCC B.

Price: $99
Warranty: 1 year
Compatible OS: 7.53
PowerPC: YES
Interface: NuBus 7"