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Pivot Adapter Kit for PCI or MacOS 7.5.2 and up
(Manf. Part # A011-00)

* MacPortrait 6.0.1 software is included. This kit enables Pivot monitors to pivot when used with a PCI Mac built-in video or with OS 7.5.2 and above.
* If you have the 0356 with the HD15 VGA style connection on the end of the video cable, you need both the grey (515-0166-01) and black adapter (resolutions on the side) to hook this up to a Mac. The monitor cable hooks to the grey one and the grey one hooks to the black adapter. The grey adapter changes the gender of the cable.

Price: $149
Warranty: 90-day
Compatible OS: 8.1
PowerPC: YES
Interface: N/A