VideoVision Studio

To plug into the future of desktop video, plug into VideoVision Studio, the world's leading Macintosh video editing system. With JPEG hardware compression and decompression for full-screen, full-motion video recording and playback from a hard disk, VideoVision Studio combines the power and flexibility of the Macintosh and the Power Macintosh with the ease and transportability of video tape. With a JPEG-compression card, VideoVision Studio gives you 30 frames per second at 640 by 480 resolution (Or 25 fps at 768 x 576 resolution in PAL format). Complete with full 60 fields per second - and no tricks like line doubling that throw away half the video information. All with compression ratios from 4:1 to 50:1. And VideoVision Studio is 100% QuickTime-compatible, so it works with literally hundreds of applications. That means you can use VideoVision Studio to create powerful graphic-rich videos and compelling multimedia presentations. Or do off-line editing with software like Adobe Premiere (which we include). You have the power and flexibility to complete projects or to push the limits in your rough cut before you put on the finishing touches.

High-Performance Digital Video Compression
With VideoVision Studio, you can record full-screen, full-motion, 60 field-per-second, digital video input and output to and from your hard disk. VideoVision Studio delivers unsurpassed real-time hardware-accelerated JPEG compression and decompression of each individual video frame, so you can perform non-linear, frame-accurate digital video editing. VideoVision Studio also digitizes stereo audio simultaneously and stores it with the video for easier input and editing.

External Connector Panel VideoVision Studio gives you more ways to plug into desktop digital video with our external connector panel. The unique panel provides 15 different connectors for multiple input and output options, plus audio mix connections.

Deck Control
VideoVision Studio includes professional VTR deck control software and cabling to allow you to speed through batch captures and edits with accuracy.

Flicker-free Print to Tape VideoVision Studio allows you to record flicker-free video presentations and animations to video tape in real time. Which makes it easy to get approvals and generate presentations quickly.

On-board International Standards Conversion
VideoVision Studio offers on-board standards conversion to give you easy access to video standards from around the world, as well as easy conversion from one format to another.

Broadcast-Quality Video
VideoVision Studio can deliver broadcastable quality video output in NTSC and PAL timings. Using the RGB component cable, VideoVision Studio produces an RGB output signal that can run directly through a broadcast encoder.
24-bit Video Quality
Even With 8-bit Displays VideoVision Studio lets you input and edit movies in 24-bit color, even if your display is in 8-bit color mode. This allows you to work faster in 8-bit color without sacrificing quality.

Variable Window Resizing
VideoVision Studio lets you customize the size of your video windows without sacrificing quality. That way you can explore the possibilities for creative broadcast designs, presentations, videos, kiosks, and any other projects you're working on. You can also change your Macintosh monitor's resolution 'on-the-fly' so you can optimize your system for each project.

Designed to Grow
With the Latest Technologies, VideoVision Studio is built on the H-Bus and R-Bus Architecture, which supports the potential for future add-ons such as alternative video-compression algorithms, special effects, titling, and chromakey capabilities. VideoVision Studio also includes an expansion port, which supports genlock and possible add-ons such as a tuner module and external device control. And with PowerMac 8100 and 9150 support, you get much faster results when you do complex graphics and special effects.

VideoVision Studio Specifications